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Eva Gorman

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Josefina Fine Knits

My Grandmother, Josefina Davalos, taught me how to knit when I was just a little

girl. I would lie on her big, green couch, with knitting needles in hand and “tie

knots” as my husband now calls it. “Patience, mi hija, patience” she would say in

her strong Mexican accent.

Little by little, I learned patience, along with the art of color, patterns, and textures.

For me, my art captures those moments in life where we pause and watch a leaf

float across the sky on a windy day seeing browns, greens and white, or when the

water laps against the shore glistening blues, silvers, and blacks. Color, patterns

and texture are everywhere, and nature is my greatest inspiration.

“Patience, mi hija, patience” still echoes in my mind as I knit, excited to see how

each piece unfolds. It is my wish to share with you, my vision of nature, and the

love I have put into my creations. It is my sincere hope that you share in my love

and excitement for each creation as well.

It’s been an adventure, one filled with new sights, new locations, and new


Josefina Fine Knits began in 2014, at the urging of friends. We’ve enjoyed our

adventure, so far, participating in various shows, festivals and fairs. And meeting

you, at those shows has been the best part, so far!

Eva Gorman

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